The Safest Main Door For My House

doorWhich is the safest main door for my house?

This is a question that most people ask from time to time and especially when looking for ways to enhance their home security.

You should choose your front doors wisely. In addition to enhancing your home security, the front doors also make a very strong statement about your home. It is the first thing that your visitor will see. It boosts your home appearance and makes your visitors feel welcome in the home.

When buying the door you should ensure that it is strong enough to last for a very long time.

• Do not purchase hollow doors

When purchasing the door, you should ensure that it is not hollow. To know whether the door is hollow, just knock it! A hollow door is simply made of veneer sheets over a cardboard core. Exterior doors should be solid and only made with fiberglass; solid wood core or layers of veneer over wood; solid wood; metal although any metal door should be reinforced inside and also feature a lock block. Otherwise, a person can use a car jack to bend it out of its frame. A fiberglass with security hinges and one that swings outwards is better than one swinging inwards. Having a door that opens in such a way, helps in absorbing any form of forced entries.

• Avoid windowed doors

Furthermore, you should not use windowed exterior doors. All exterior doors should be windowless for maximum security purposes. You should also avoid having windows very close to the exterior doors. A thief can easily break your window and open your door from inside. However, if you have any sliding glass door panel or glass doors nearby, you should cover the glass with security grille or grate on its outside. You can also use unbreakable polycarbonate panels on the inside secured behind the glass.

• Lock your doors

Mostly a criminal will enter a victim’s home through unlocked doors. It’s useless to have a very expensive lock that you don’t use. Ensure that you have locked all your exterior doors anytime you go out including when you are gone for the shortest time.

• Install deadlocks

You should also install deadbolt locks to all non sliding doors. The deadlock also called an exit onlydoor2 deadbolt is a deadbolt that does not feature external key. It might be clearly visible from outside, but an intruder can not break it easily without destroying the door, the door frame and the lock itself. Even though a deadlock will not help when you are not at home, its appearance will discourage intruders from trying your doors.

Which is the safest main door for my house? With the information, you can now select the best door for your home and one that will enhance your home security.