Finding Student Accommodation in Newcastle

Finding the best student housing situation can be difficult. You need to consider clean bathrooms, kitchens, good bedding, and affordability. Of course, the most important factor is that your place of living is close to your study area.

Options for housing in NewcastleApartment 21

The best way to find student accommodation Newcastle is to do a quick search online. Google will pull up results to show the most highly rated housing areas. There are many helpful sites to find accommodation on. Once you’ve pulled up a site, take a look at photos of the interior of each flat to see if you could picture yourself living there.

Check to ensure that the housing you choose has a reputation for cleanliness, quiet, and commuting options. It should be fairly close to train and vehicle options for getting to school. This way, you can easily safe time and money in terms of transport.

Dorms and student halls

It is possible to rent rooms within student housing or student halls. They may be less expensive than a flat, but they’re also housed locally within the university. This has pros and cons. The pros are that you’re close to your study area and can quickly get to and from class. The cons are that being on campus, you may be exposed to fire alarms, late night parties, and other disturbances you wouldn’t have in off-campus student housing. This is another important consideration when looking for a place to live as a student.

Internet, Common Rooms, and Safety Factors

Apartment 19Be sure the facility you choose has all the amenities you are looking for, such as high-speed internet, common rooms (pools, exercise rooms, or coffee lounges) and keyless entry. It’s critical to know you’re safe when exiting and entering the building, and that unwanted individuals cannot get in.

Safety is of utmost importance, so you may want to schedule a meeting with the landlord before purchasing a room there. One final factor is to consider study rooms, which may be included in student accommodation. If the facility includes a good computer lab, smartboard or whiteboard area, or visual arts room, it can be helpful to complete your work in these sections while renting a room. Depending on your major or primary area of study, you’ll want to think about extra features to enable the best on campus living experience possible.


These are just a few things to think about when seeking student accommodation Newcastle. The area itself is beautiful, and the university has premium offerings for all students, regardless of the study area. Be sure to consider cost, campus distance, and transport options when deciding on a place to live.